Traditional CrossFit Class Starting with Mobility and a Warm-up, moving to either strength or skill work, then onto a WOD, and finally finishing with some stretching.


Open Gym is for any client looking to practice movements, get extra strength work in, stretch/work mobility, and even preform a WOD. This time slot is not coached. 

Coaches will likely be working on their own training at these times. Although the gym is open, and the coaches will generally give guidance, please respect their space as they strive for increased fitness!

Please use this time prior to or after CrossFit Class to work weaknesses, mobility, or if you have a schedule issues, use the time for a full out WOD. You will only be charged for a visit once a day so if you want to attend the CrossFit Class before or after Open Gym go right ahead, you will NOT be charged additionally.


Coached Open Gym is a coached time to work on strength or skills that you would like as in the regular open gym.  You may do a make up workout from the week, have your own workout, or do a new workout that is posted by a coach.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is designed to make exercise fun and a part of everyday life early on. The movements we coach are the things children do in the course of normal play: running, squatting, jumping, forward rolls, falling down and getting up. We don't weight lift but we do coach age appropriate strength training. Kids love to "feel stronger" and it helps them with their confidence in other areas of their lives. Kids are spending more time than ever sitting, staring at screens on average of 7 hours per day, it's good to get them a little more activity in their lives. CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG FUN for all ages.

CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Teens is a program  that starts out like the adult program, with a series of Elements classes to teach the more advanced fundamental movements that they won't see in the CrossFit Kids class. Most importantly, we get them using the barbell with scaled weight and learning proper lifting techniques. After the Elements classes have been completed CrossFit Teens can come to our two classes a week which will include variations of the workout that the adults did that day scaled down to the appropriate levels for them. CrossFit Teens is the next step in working towards becoming an active, fit adult.