Below are some events around the area that we are involved in.  Check out the links and sign up, or see a coach for more information.  Check back here as many new events are coming up and there are many ways to be involved if you are not participating!

*September 18- October 29 Lurong Living Challenge

*September 23rd at Harbor Park CrossFit in Kenosha.  The 2nd annual Shipwrecked Competition (Male/Female pair competition)

*September 29th During all classes: Lift up Autism Workout Event

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**T-Shirt Delivery Dates: All shirts ordered BEFORE 8/30 will arrive at the Box by 9/23, in time to wear while you WOD!  You can still order shirts after THIS DATE but they won't arrive before 9/23

*July 28th, 2018 Savage Race Chicago (Spring Grove, IL) 10am heat sign up with team "CrossFit Beloit"