Below are some events around the area that we are involved in.  Check out the links and sign up, or see a coach for more information.  Check back here as many new events are coming up and there are many ways to be involved if you are not participating!

*September 4th Labor Day workout of "The Seven" heats at 7,8,9,10am.  Please sign up on Pike13 AND at the board at the gym to ensure your spot in the heat you would like.

*September 18- October 29 Lurong Living Challenge

*September 23rd at Harbor Park CrossFit in Kenosha.  The 2nd annual Shipwrecked Competition (Male/Female pair competition)

*September 29th During all classes: Lift up Autism Workout Event

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**T-Shirt Delivery Dates: All shirts ordered BEFORE 8/30 will arrive at the Box by 9/23, in time to wear while you WOD!  You can still order shirts after THIS DATE but they won't arrive before 9/23

*July 28th, 2018 Savage Race Chicago (Spring Grove, IL) 10am heat sign up with team "CrossFit Beloit"