Step 1: Introduction to CrossFit

Your introduction to CrossFit is free. You must contact Scott Thiele at coach@crossfitbeloit.com to set up your introduction. Please do not sign-up or pay for anything prior to doing so! Thank you.

Step 2: Elements

$120 (This is 6 scheduled session of class required to learn foundational movements used in CrossFit) 

Please head to our Elements Program page for all of the information regarding our program and policies. 

If you have prior CrossFit experience and are looking to join CFB, please still email coach@crossfitbeloit.com to set up a free baseline workout.  If we feel after the baseline workout that you are ready to join the CrossFit classes, you will be allowed to forego the Elements sessions. 

Step 3: Chose your membership option


$130/month; $110/month for service members (Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, Military)

3 classes per week

$110/month; $90/month for service members (Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, Military)

Single Class/Drop-Ins/Punch Card

Drop-Ins are welcome at CFB for $15 per class, this must be paid for per visit through Pike 13 using a credit card or cash in person.  We ask that you email coach@crossfitbeloit.com before you drop in to let us know! Drop ins may also purchase a t-shirt and drop in fee for $20 (or simply pay $15 for the class with no shirt)  If you are dropping in for more than 1 day let us know and we can make plan for you.  

The punch card includes 10 classes for $100 and must be used with in 1 year of purchase.  There is no discount available on the punch card.   

CrossFit Kids

The CrossFit Kids program has a 10 class punch card for $60, or $6 for a single visit.  This card must be used within 1 year of purchase.  

CrossFit Teens

The CrossFit Teens program has a 10 class punch card for $80, or $8 for a single visit.  This card must be used within 1 year of purchase.  


1st member is full price each additional family or friend will receive a $40 discount to be split $20 per member.  If only one person has a plan, the price will not be discounted as both members need a current play to apply the discount.  Adults with children attending CrossFit Kid's or CrossFit Teen's classes will receive a $2 per class discount per child.  You may either get the Family/Friend discount or the Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, Military Discount, there is no "doubling up". There is no discount available on the adult punch card.   

One on One Training 

$40/hour; $100 for 3 Sessions

Additional Information

Members are required to provide credit or debit information for payment. Payments will be withdrawn/charged the first business day of the month. To cancel a membership: you have control over your account, so feel free to cancel at anytime, we just ask to do this before the date your plan gets charged by. CFB does not want your money if you are not showing up and getting results.  Our goal is to improve your fitness! With that being said, it is your responsibility to contact a coach if you wish to put your membership on hold, if you do not do it on your own.  With the 3 days a week plan, you are responsible for attending classes.  If you only come 5 days for that month, you can not "save" missed days and use them towards the next month.

The prescribed CrossFit schedule for conditioned athletes is 3 days on and 1 day off.