Elements Program


$120 (This is 6 scheduled session of class required to learn foundational movements used in CrossFit).  Please DO NOT sign up online for any elements sessions or pay, we take care of this during your first session.

Our Elements Program has a limited number of spots available each month at 7:15am and 7pm.  If we are at capacity for the current month, you will be notified and offered the next availalbe monthly session that we have open at the time spot that you are interested in.

If you have prior CrossFit experience and are looking to join CFB, please still email coach@crossfitbeloit.com to set up a free baseline workout.  If we feel after the baseline workout that you are ready to join the CrossFit classes, you will be allowed to forego the Elements sessions.  

We teach the Elements of CrossFit to ensure each person has safely gone through the mechanics of movement and has an overall understanding of CrossFit methodology as well as evaluating each athlete’s range of motion, flexibility and overall capacity in functional movement. These 6 classes are coached by a CrossFit Level 1 or 2 coach and delivered one on one or in small group sessions. Elements of CrossFit is designed to get you to your first CrossFit group class with the knowledge and awareness you need to be safe and successful. We ask, that you give us 100% every time you walk in. With commitment, accountability and hard work on your end, all of your goals can be accomplished.

 We suggest three Elements courses a week for your schedule (Typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  Each class is a progression from the previous class, if by chance you can not make it, as life does happen, please contact us and we will do our best to work with your schedule.  We ask that you complete all 6 classes with in three weeks of starting the Elements program. If you are unable to finish those 6 classes in three weeks, it will be your responsibility to meet with a coach to set up a time at our personal training rate of $40/hour to make up any missed classes.