Goal Setting & the 2018 CrossFit Open


Another year has come and gone and 2018 will bring each of you new goals in and out of the CrossFit Beloit gym.  Last year we had a "Goal Board" and had each of you write down your goals for 2017.  I was reading the board the other day and saw some people cross of many goals and some crossed off zero goals.  I even talked to a few members about why they didn't reach their goal and a common answer was that they didn't spend the time working towards their goal, or they  made to lofty of a goal.  Just because you didn't reach your goal you wrote down for 2017 doesn't mean it is a failure.  What it means is that we may need to go over what a better goal is for you and what can be done to reach that goal.  Maybe a PR in every lift isn't a great goal, I haven't had a PR in a major lift for 2 years... it happens! Making smaller goals and a road to reach those goals is something we want to emphasize.  If you are having a hard time making or reaching a new goal, talk with a coach on a plan that will work for you.  We will be leaving up the goal board for another 2 weeks, the erasing it to make a "Celebration Board", you can write up any new things you have accomplished in and out of the gym to share with your fellow CFB family members! We want to celebrate you and your awesome lives!


In a short 7 weeks, the 2018 CrossFit Games Open will begin.  It seems just like yesterday we were doing endless thrusters and double unders to end the 2017 Open.  For those of you that are newer to CrossFit and may  not know what the Open is, it is a World Wide competition that acts as a qualifier for the CrossFit Games.  We hate to burst any bubbles, most likely we will not have any CFB members make the Games, but we like to encourage as many people to sign up for the Open ever year.  Last year we had a record number of people sign up and we would love to see us beat that number this year!  The Open is 5 weeks long with a new workout announced each Thursday night at 7pm, you complete that workout that CrossFit puts out by the following Monday evening (submitting scores on line).  Sign up for the Open is $20 and we encourage each member to sing up.  You will hear us talk a lot about the Open and even seen a switch in programming to ramp up our cardio during those high intensity Metcon workouts!  The Open is a great way to get people outside of their comfort zone and to try new movements or weights they normally wouldn't.  Keeping a positive attitude is something that we want to encourage as well during the open.  Maybe you don't have pull ups down yet, or maybe double unders are a struggle for you.  We want  you to keep working on those skills through the year so that when they show up in the Open you will have more success. Talk with a coach today to get some more information on the Open!

Each week we will be posting a video of tips and techniques to move more efficiently at the movements that come up in the Open. Here is a great article that talks about common movements in the Open

You can even go back to the CrossFit.com site and see past Open workouts , every year there is a re-peat workout and it's always fun to guess which one it will be!

One last read on the Open and a history of common movements

Check out these links for past blogs on the Open:



CrossFit Beloit's First In-House Lifting Meet!


Shortly after Thanksgiving, the World Championships of weightlifting began in Anaheim California.  Inspired by the broken world records and inspiring lifts that happened during the week long competition, CrossFit Beloit has decided to hold our very in-house weightlifting meet. 

Rest assured, there will be no weigh ins or singlets necessary though if you have one and would like to, feel free! Since there are lots of rules and nuances to the sport of Weightlifting, we are inviting anyone that would be interested in participating to come to our informational session on January 3, 2018 at 11:30. During this informational session we will go over the lifts, talk about judging standards, and answer any other questions that you may have. You do not have to attend the informational session to participate.

We will also watch some lifting in competition to give everyone a feel for what it is like. If you decide to participate we will be offering lifting templates for you to do weightlifting specific training during open gym. The actual weightlifting meet will be held a month after the informational session on February 10th. Sign up for the meet will be at the gym. Once we get an idea of how many people are interested, we will get out more details.

Weightlifting Wednesday!

With the close of our deadlift cycle happening last week, we will again begin on a new journey.  The next cycle that we will be working on is Olympic Weightlifting for ten weeks.  We will now be having "Weightlifting Wednesdays".  During all Wednesday coached CrossFit classes we will be spending time working on technique, form and all things clean & jerk, snatch and squats.  On Wednesday, August 9th we will spend time maxing out on the clean & jerk and snatch in class (yes, full squat lifts only!) We will not be doing traditional metcons on these days, and focusing on improving our form and technique on these lifts as well as adding in auxiliary items to make your weightlifting better.

All programs will be written as percentages, which should be taken off of your existing 1 rep max numbers for the snatch, clean & jerk, back squat and front squat.  The clean & jerk and snatch will be off of the full squat lift, no percentages will be taken off of your power clean or power snatch. Please keep that in mind when working off of percentages.  If your power lift is more than your squat, that means that you should be extra excited to work on technique! If you do not have these numbers, we will be testing the clean & jerk and snatch, we did the front and back squats on our last cycle.  If you don't have squat maxes, coaches will help you out!

All exercises will have their percentage calculations keyed off of one of these four numbers. Calculation of percentages for the pulls in this program should be based off of the snatch or clean & jerk. For example, if you have a 100# snatch, and the program calls for snatch pulls at 80%, you would use 80# for those pulls.

When the program is written as snatch (75%/4)3, that should be read to mean: 3 sets of 4 reps at 75%. Snatch 60%/2; 70%/2 should be read to mean 2 reps at 60%, then 2 reps at 70%. When the program calls for something like clean & jerk 60%/2, that means one set of 2 clean & jerks at 60%.

When the program calls for something like clean & jerk 60%/(3+1), that means you should do the following: clean, clean, then clean & jerk. (2+1) would be clean, clean & jerk. 

No exercises in the weightlifting programming should be performed as touch-and- go. Come to a rest and rest for each rep.

When the program calls for a heavy single, it should be a heavy single for the day. You should limit yourself to 2 or 3 attempts at the heavier weights.

You should count misses as reps in this program, especially if they were misses based on simply not making the lift for technical reasons or otherwise.

We suggest you keeping a log during this to keep track of your sets, reps, weights and improvements!