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The CrossFit Games through the eyes of our CrossFit Kids!


As many of you know from the photos and the recent happenings at the gym, that the CrossFit Games just happened, and in our very own back yard of Madison at that! The CrossFit Games have been in California since their debut in 2007, and now have found Madison their new home for at least 2017-2019.  The gym had a huge showing of people going to have fun and watch some amazing exercising going on.  The thing that made me most happy to see, was the large amount of our very own CrossFit Kids in attendance with their families.



Katie S. (long time CFB Kids member) said that her favorite event was Strongman's fear because the men and women took different approaches to the event.  This event had the athletes lifting heavy yolks, farmer carry handles and pulling a heavy sled across the filed.  She said that her favorite thin was that you go to see the athletes up close.  Watching the events live was also one of her top things she enjoyed about the Games.  Katie also said that she enjoyed being with her friends and family so that they could talk about the events and how the athlete's performed at the different events.  Both of Katie's parents, Carrie and Marcus as also members at the gym, so they could talk about the different movements and events together, which is pretty great family bonding if I don't say so!

Katie's favorite athletes are Katrin Davidsdottir and Mat Fraser, Kara Webb, Brent Fitkowski and Annie Thrisdottir.  I think all of those athletes would be proud of Katie's awesome pull ups and her weight lifting that she has been doing, as well as all of her hard work she puts in for class.  Katie's top thing about the trip to the Games this year... the foot long corndogs!  (We agree with her!)


Keeping it all in the family, Ryan S. said that his favorite event was the Madison Triplet, where athletes ran, lifted a heavy yellow sand bag (called the cheese curd) and jumped over hay bails!  The CrossFit Kids class re-created this event the week after the Games, but no hay in the gym!  Ryan's favorite athlete to watch was 1st place finisher for the second year in a row, Mat Fraser, and 2nd place finisher Brent Fitkowski.  Though Ryan and Katie may not agree on everything, they both had rave reviews of the foot long corn dog!  We really need to check that out next year!


Johnny M. said he liked the event because of the workouts.  He had fun cheering for Chloe Smith (teen) and Jeb Simmons (from WI).  His mom Kim said that he could relate most to the teens because they were closer in his age.  From Kim's perspective it motivated him to participate more in CrossFit Kids.  She also thought it gave the kids a great sense of teamwork and cheering for teammates.  He would also hear different weights and turn to me and ask if I could do that?!  It was also a great way for the mother and son duo to do something  that they both enjoy and to see his enthusiasm towards the sport.  It proved to be a great bonding day.  The free soda from Zevia was also another favorite of his!

Audrey P. said her favorite event was the Madison Triplet  as well because she got a really good view of all the athletes, especially her favorite athlete, Tia-Clair Toomey. Tia is her favorite athlete because she doesn't want to be in the spotlight like Katrin or Sara. She is always the person you never saw coming and Audrey really thought this was her year to win.  She also enjoyed being with her mom and really having a same interest in something; something that rarely happens! Audrey had fun watching all of the amazing CrossFit-ers with Katie S. and overall it was an amazing experience.  Audrey's favorite food was the chipper from Paleo Nicks!


Sounds like some great times were had by the kids at the Games this year, great family bonding and some awesome food reviews!