Fran Friday!

That's Right it was Fran Friday!  And what an unbelievable day...everyone that had done Her more that once improved upon their times and we had a bunch of first dates as well.  First let's talk about the first daters.  In the morning we had Andy who posted a sub 6 minute Fran Rx'd!!!  Great stuff my man! Kali also had her first date and she was not feeling that hot this morning, she even summoned Uncle Pukie but it was not necessary.  Next time when she is feeling better we will see a lot more out of her!  The evening crew Fran had first dates with Lani and Kayley.  Lani hit her with Rx'd weight and Kayley made it thru the first 21 and then some but we will have to wait for the next round.  And I bet both of these ladies are full Rx'd by then.  

Now lets talk about second dates.  Mr. Miller came in swinging this morning and went from a 5 1/2 minute Fran to a 3 1/2 minute.  Way to go and good luck on the Tough Mudder tomorrow! This guy is crazy...does a sub 4 Fran and the next day he is doing a 12 mile obstacle course!  Ed had a huge day beating his previous best by 4 minutes.  Trey went from doing Fran with a Black band for pull-ups to a blue and improving his time by over a minute.  Good stuff guys and Trey you better be ditching that band very soon!

Peg beat her time by 21 seconds which may not seem like a lot but she beat it with much improved form and depth in her squats on the Thrusters!  Mom I am so proud of you!

Coach Ryan beat his time by almost a minute even though he is battling a wrist issue at the moment.  Hopefully our O-lifting class will give us some good techniques tomorrow to help.  Mac came in swinging and did Fran full Rx'd and beat his previous best by over a minute.  Mac your Thrusters today were impeccable!  And Zach...Dude crushed his previous by 5 minutes, granted his first date was like the 3rd CrossFit WOD he had ever done but that is some impressive Shit, not to mention the first time he did it was with a black band and this time it was full Rx'd!

Lastly I just want to say that CrossFit has significantly changed my life and everyday I love to see the improvements it makes on others.  About a year ago I had my first date with Fran and she more than kicked my ass.  I think it was in the 8 minute range, and I felt like a turd.  Today the time was sub 3 minutes which has help me realize what CrossFit can do.  CrossFit gives you confidence to know you can do amazing things as you keep on working at it.  Hopefully everyone in the community has the same experience that I have had so far because it is life changing!  Enjoy the videos below.