100 Burpee WOD for time...

...and the 100 Day Burpee 'Chalange' (that's French, B*tches!) ends.

Today marks the 100th day of the Burpee 'Chalange' at CrossFit Beloit. Well, it is actually the 101st day…but who's keeping track, anyhow?! That would be Peg, Mac  & Miller! They are the only 3 left standing after committing to this challenge 101 days ago!

100 Burpees for time

If you do not know how this type of insane challenge or 'chalange' works, it goes like this.

Day 1 - do 1 burpee
Day 2 - do 2 burpees
Day 3 - do 3 burpees...

I am sure you get it now…and you do this for 100 days. If you miss a day, you make it up. If you miss 5 days, you make them all up…yeah, it is a little insane!

how you make up missed days<--- this is what the white board looks like if you are playing catch-up

A few notable moments over the past 100 days are:

* Peg not missing one day. From how she describes it, her mornings went a little something like this.  1) Do burpees in the morning, 2) make bed, 3) finish burpees for the day. I'm not sure if the daily burpees or the daily bed-making is more crazy!

* Miller being a little behind in the challenge and catching up by doing 800 burpees in one night! It took about 1 hour & 40 minutes. Seriously.

* Mac finishing his last 90+ burpees AFTER the 100 Burpee for time WOD this evening!

 You guys rock! 5050 burpees that took up more than one quarter of the year. Talk about commitment!

Mac, Peg & Miller finish up their burpees