Some Inspirational PR's This Week!

On Sunday this week we did some max 1 rep dead lifting and everyone that participated achieved a PR (personal record)!  So if that is not a reason to join us on Sundays I don't know what is.  First up we have Young Blood posting 335.  It was a little ugly but he didn't quit and got it.  Next time his form will be solid and I bet he adds 25 lbs or so.  Up next was Mr. Miller posting an amazing 365.  Outstanding for a guy that has some back issues!  Last we have Zack who made 445 look easy so he decided to add another 50 lbs and go for 495.  He did not get the 495 but I have a feeling it will be over 500 on his next go round.  Peggy was also there and made 165 lbs her bitch but I didn't catch it on film.  Great job Mom!

Some serious weight from Scott Thiele on Vimeo.


Also this week we had two gentlemen reach the holly grail of CrossFit...The Muscle-up!  Ryan Miller and Young Blood (AKA Casey Bellard) both got their first muscle-up on Tuesday...I'm so proud of you guys!  Watch the video below and check this out.  Ryan nearly ripped his arm off then he comes back and basically does a strict muscle-up which shows that this guy has some unbelievable upper body strength.  Then Young Blood, not to be one-upped, gets his first muscle-up in as well.  The muscle-up takes a lot of technique but also requires serious strength, so...I cannot wait to see this kid destroy the competition in hockey this year!  

My first muscle up from Scott Thiele on Vimeo.


Great work everyone!  And don't forget next week Saturday is the 31 Hero's benefit.  The WOD has rope climbs in it; obviously we don't have one yet, but I will figure some way out to get one here by next weekend!