Tampa Tough Mudder!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now, there are plans to compete in the Tampa Tough Mudder on December 3rd.  Been doing a little leg work and we have found a place to rent that sleeps 12 people for $1,900 for the week.  Don't let the price fool you either because the place is amazing.  It is on the water, has a pool and 4 bedrooms with bathrooms.  There are 9 people committed to go so far but to make it official I am asking for a deposite of $100 to reserve the house by Friday August 19th.  So if you want to go please let me know ASAP.  If we get more interest than 12 people we will move on to a bigger house.  

So if you didn't do the one in Wisconsin this is your chance to compete in the tough mudder this year.  It was an amazing accomplishment and this one you get to throw in a vacation on top of it!  If you are interested Please sign up next time you are in the box.