Paleo Challenge Winners

Long overdue I know, but you know what I have a life too...actually that is a joke, I have no life so therefore no excuse to not announcing this earlier.  So without further ado; besides thanks to everyone that participated in the paleo challenge, for the individual most on top of their diet and keeping excellent records goes to Diana!  Diana finished with a total of 318 points just nudging out Brittany by 10.  Way to go Diana and with that you win a $50 gift card to a grocery store of your choice to keep up that clean eating.  

And finally the sexy bitch award goes to Renee!  She made some amazing improvements and love to hear the stories of how when she put on her work pants and went to a new hole on the belt.  Way to go gurl!  Keep up the paleo and the results will keep coming!  Renee for the sexy bitch award you get a $50 amazon gift card.  You can buy a new belt or me some new shoes since I am a shoe whore!


And Steve I wrote this one.