Caution: Holiday Eating


Check out this blog post! It may help you get through the holiday with out eating everything in sight...


“But Grandma made it just for you.” “Have a beer with me – one won’t kill ya.” “Why aren’t you having any (insert non paleo food item here).” Yep, it’s that time of year again – time for the seemingly endless holiday parties, gatherings, and holiday celebrations. We’re all painfully aware that the season’s food-laden festivities often result in the ‘phenomenon that is, (insert sound of impending doom – dun, dun, dun), the elastic waistband’. While this is something we’d like to avoid, sometimes that seems an impossible feat due to being ‘guilted’ into eating and drinking things because of those pesky ‘holiday food pushers’ – (seriously, they are VICIOUS!!). I mean really, who wants to ‘strong arm’ Grandma or Cousin Eddie – there are just some things that you don’t do…  And damn if that beer, egg nog, pie, cookie, candy, stuffing and hell, even the jello were all a whole lot of tasty. The day after that gorge-fest, however; – um, can you say – EPIC Food Hangover!! This is like a fate worse than death in some cases – think ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’, along with a college hangover headache, and the lethargy of your common house cat… But it happened, and in a few days, maybe next week, and definitely again at Christmas – it’s going to happen again...

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