Nutrition Challenge *info*

To all of you fantastic CFBers doing the Nutritional Challenge...

There was a last minute change to how the prizes at the end of this are being awarded. All will be explained tomorrow at our meeting (don't worry, it doesn't really change anything you will be doing).

And since I am sure you all check this website like 200 times a day just to see if the WOD has been posted, I am sure you will read this before tomorrow am!

Be prepared (girls especially) for before & after pictures, along with a few measurements to be taken. Please wear/bring something that will allow for progress to be seen when we take the after pictures in 45 days (you should plan to wear the same outfit both times).

This means...show some skin! Ok, that is sort of a joke. But, it kind of isn't. Be comfortable, but remember, how will you see any progress if you are all covered up?

I (Lani) will take the pictures, but if you'd rather have another coach do your photoshoot ( :-D ), just speak up! I am sure Andy, Scott or Ryan will be happy to assist!

afterbeforeHere is a little inspiration from one hot girl named Cassandra Snyder! 

This is her before & after doing Paleo. Check out her site for more info! click here

PS, if you don't see this until it is too late, we can take pictures in the next couple of days to make up for my lateness in posting this!