The Arnold Experience and Open WOD 12.2

Most of you know a contingent of CrossFit Beloit consisting of Zach, Lani, Andy, Kayley and myself made it down to the Arnold sports festival last weekend.  And let me tell you that was like going to the circus.  For those that don't know what the Arnold is...it is a convention of all things "fitness".  I use the quotes because fitness is a relative term.  There was body building, strong man, mma, arm wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, ping pong, power lifting, olympic lifting, and of course CrossFit.  Those of us that went were able to do the CrossFit Open WOD, we also got to see some of the big name guys do it as well.  Check out the video below.

The best part of the experience was to see all things fitness in one area.  Let me tell you that there is a big difference from what a CrossFit athlete looks like compared to a body builder.  The Columbus convention center was filled with "juiced" up meat heads.  People that look like they have a hard time wiping their own ass because they are so big.  CrossFit athletes on the other hand are muscular but proportionate.  They look like superheros compared to the cartoon figures in the body building world.  But to each their own...I just enjoy knowing how elite us CrossFitters are!

Lastly I want to say congratulations to Ryan Hanson for putting up the top score on WOD 12.2 for CrossFit Beloit of 65 reps!  Also Ryan Miller hit a PR snatch of 165 lbs to get 61 reps.  Good work gentlemen and the rest of you CrossFit Beloiters as we moved up in the rankings for the open team competition!