So Whatcha waiting for?

So today I witnessed a couple of amazing PR's.  Reed our college boy (aka my number 1 man crush) was back visiting and not only did he set the fastest time for the metcon but he PR'ed his snatch by 20 lbs at 185 lbs.  Then the new guy Josh only after a month PR'ed his Clean and Jerk by 15 lbs at 265 lbs.  Crazy shit.  Those guys are dedicated and reap the benefits of their labor.  Congratulations guys!  Then I witnessed Emily kill a heavy snatch and clean n Jerk wod with perfect form.  After that she did a bench press/row wod with record time.  You go gurl!  

I love our community and love seeing the results of your hard work.   I know there is a lot more to come!


PS. yes Steve I wrote this one...Scott