100 Man-Ass Pounds and 1 Full Year at the Worst Gym Ever

Most of you CrossFit Beloit members have notice a shift in the gym in the past couple of months to more strength work and heavier/suckier metcons.  That is all thanks to Lani and introducing me to "The OutLaw Way" in August last year.  I started to use it for my training regiment and from the gains I made I figured the members of CFB would also benefit.  So in December I started to program at CFB according to the Outlaw Way.  In the past 3 months I have seen huge gains from everyone committed in the gym!  

The article below is from an Outlaw Athlete that put 100 lbs on both his snatch and c&j from a year following Outlaw.  It is a great read and very motivating.

100 Man-Ass Pounds and one full year at the worst gym ever

And if you feel why would I ever want to put myself through that much torture if I just want to look good naked than read the following:

Why should I care about how strong I am if I just want to look better naked?