New Coach!

Please Help me welcome the newest CrossFit Beloit Coach Emily. She completed her level 1 seminar last weekend and I am pumped to have her as a coach.  A little back story on Emily for you...Emily came to CFB with her Husband Seth over a year ago.  Her first few days were very trying like they are for everyone but Emily was especially hard on her self.  She was a competitive high school athlete and she was shocked when she wasn't good at a movement.  I clearly remember her begin to cry after not being able to string her pull-ups together.  But she never quit and she worked hard and still is putting in effort on all of her weakness.  That is why she is a complete beast!  I hope everyone realizes why she is as good as she is and follow her example and put in the effort to get to beast mode!

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.21.43 PM.png

Beyond that she is very talent artist and we have her and Lani to thank for the awesome mural on the wall and she is also working on a promotional video for the gym.  From what I have seen so far it will be insane!

Congratulations Emily!