Oly Lifting Thursdays!

Olympic Lifting Thursdays has been a blessing to the CrossFit Beloit Community.  At first I was a little nervous that it the class would not be attended well.  Apparently that is not a concern as there has been well over 15 members for the last 4 weeks.  The attendance of the class makes me proud as I know that the members of CFB take good movement seriously and I view that as you want to be better not just visually but functionally; which is the whole point of CrossFit!  I want to keep you out of a nursing home and the way to do that is establish a good range of motion and be f*ing strong through that range!  

Below is a video of the class on 9/26.  We established some 1RM's to see what we have learned so far.  My plan is to do this every month too see how much we have learned.  If we take the lessons and work on our technique I am sure we will see amazing PR's every month.  As I told everyone as we were exiting the building it may be ugly but focus on the cues you have been given and you will improve!