Resolution Challenge, CrossFit Open & Crosstown Throwdown

Starting Monday the 19th, the Lurong Resolution Challenge will begin.  We have almost 20 members signed up and it is not too late to join in!

If you are doing the Lurong Resolution Challenge, we will be taking your measurements starting on the 16th and they must be done by a coach. A small cheat sheet of the challenge and details of logging, points, schedule and recording sheet will be at the gym for you. Alison will be going over details Friday the 16th, and Saturday the 17th after the workouts. The first benchmark WOD will be announced Sunday the 18th and you will be doing this during the week during class time. You have a week to record, so check out the calendar section of the challenge web site for deadlines. If you have any questions, please ask! Looking forward to the next 5 weeks!!

The CrossFit Games season is upon us as well, and the Open starts in February and the registration for that starts today.  The Open has a workout once a week for 5 weeks.  If you sign up, you will submit scores each week after doing the workout in class, and have access to a world wide leader board to see where you stack up.  Last year we had almost 40 members sign up for the open and we saw lots of PR's and firsts for everyone.  It is a very exciting time the world of CrossFit, so we encourage everyone to sign up.  If you have questions about the Open, let us know.  Below is the link for registration. 


The next CrossTown Throwdown will be February 21st and hosted at CrossFit Beloit.  Partners will be same gender, so sign up on the board at the gym if you are interested.  Once we have all participants, we will make teams.  Below is the even page for the competition.