Coach Mike


CrossFit Kids Coordinator, CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Coach

Coach Mike instructing a group of CrossFit Kids

Coach Mike instructing a group of CrossFit Kids

Growing up in Indiana meant you played basketball morning, noon and night but my challenge was height and weight. At 4'-10" and 72lbs in high school made me easy to guard. I decided to venture into the wrestling room and I found the coaches eager to have another good wrestler that didn't have to cut any weight to compete in the 98lb class. Fighting with my brother every single day of my life seemed finally to be paying off. I also discovered that technique and leverage is a very powerful tool and size doesn't always matter. Not once did the Indiana Pacers call to question my decision, so it must have been a good choice.

For the past 21 years I have been coaching young athletes in baseball, football and basketball. I discovered right away thatI enjoyed coaching as much as the kids enjoyed playing. Each one of those sports require a strong foundation in the fundamentals and they needed to be coached with conviction.  When I was introduced to CrossFit, I realized the whole premise of CrossFit was to build strength, speed, flexibility, agility, balance, power and coordination thru teaching proper fundamental movement. Making better athletes by promoting better overall fitness.

Starting a CrossFit Kids program was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. I believe our children, no matter what their skill level or ability, can benefit greatly from a well run program. Our goal is to educate children and teens about fitness and inspire them to pursue it. Always functional, never boring, always FUN.


Favorite Quote:
"Life is short, Play hard!"

Certification and Training:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CPR Certified

B.S. in Architecture - University of Illinois

Top 50 Regionally - CrossFit Open
Double Unders
Full Range Ring Dips
Deadlift 2x Body Weight