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CrossFit Fun

If you've ever been in the gym when Kids is going on you know that this cheer is the way we end each and every class. Though we do it because it's fun and it brings us all in together as a team, it really is true. The CrossFit Kids Program at CrossFit Beloit really does rock!  This month we are excited to announce that we are celebrating our one year anniversary with the program. Over the past year we have been through lots of changes.  In July we moved to our current location on State street.  We have grown greatly in the number of members we have. Tuesday's are currently our busiest day and holds the record for the most kids in one class at thirteen!  We have so many kids in fact that we started a Teens program in June of this year. This class is for our older kids that are ready to start focusing on their movements more and are ready for more intensity in their workouts.  In addition to our two main programs we also have a number of youth sports teams that have been coming to the gym to work on their conditioning.

In the past year there have been over 50 Kids that have participated in a class at CrossFit Beloit with many of those kids still coming on a regular basis. We have learned how to do movements like kettle bell swings, walking lunges, jumping pull ups, and of course everyone's favorite movement:  burpees!  Our Teens program is improving on their lifting technique while also growing in strength. Here are just some of the highlights. We did a one rep max back squat night and Max successfully back squatted 95 pounds!  Ephraim and Dylan are able to do unassisted killing pull ups in a workout. When there is running in a workout I know that nobody is going to be going faster than Aaron. Even I can't keep up with him. Brendon kills everyone with his awesome squat form.  All of these guys are super great and have made such progress since starting the program that I could not be more proud of them.  We do have one girl that has been with our program since the beginning and that's Riya. If I had to pick one Teen that has improved the most it would be her. In the last several months she has starting doing double unders in a workout.  She back squats 95 pounds, deadlifts 105 and most recently she completed the Teens Scaled 17.1 workout for the CrossFit Open!  Out of all of her accomplishments though, I think the one I'm the most happy with is that she is really starting to see just how capable and strong she really is. There are a lot of times where she has said she's not sure that she can do something and she's slowly realizing that she can do all the things we ask her to and more. I am extremely proud of how much all of our Teens and Kids have grown in confidence since starting with us. I am so appreciative that I have been given the opportunity to show all of the kids in both our youth programs how much you can do when you believe in yourself.