Let's have a Great Week!

This is a good week!  Hopefully everyone is starting to reap the benefits of our Paleo Challenge and feeling ready to tackle this week's WODs.  And I have great things in store as always.  Another reason this is going to be a great week is that we are officially a CrossFit Affiliate!  CrossFit is my passion and I am so excited to be able to give that gift to everyone in this community.  Tell your friends and family about your amazing experience so far and let's get others to be FIT FOR LIFE!

Jeremy 110506 from Scott Thiele on Vimeo.


Some great footage of the friday morning crew getting after "Jeremy".  Over Head Squats combined with Burpees is always a good time.  Also there is Tammy with a 12 minute "Helen" time, which is very impressive for a first date.  If you made it to the end of the video there is proof of my front squat PR of 255 lbs.  That is 30 lb increase from 1 month ago, I have never seen results like this before CrossFit.  So here is to a GREAT WEEK!