World Wide WOD Workouts

Just an FYI the first World Wide WOD workout has been announced.  Click the link to enter the competition.  Below is the first WOD:

Much like last years Open, the World Wide WOD is going to test your double under skill with your met con.

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch
8 minutes

The open was a 10 minute workout, the World Wide WOD is an 8 minute workout.  It is an AMRAP counting all REPS.  The weights for the Power snatch are:

RX, Scaled, Masters:  Men/Women- 75#/55#
Beginner: Men/Women – 55#/45# (Women – Clean and jerk)

For WOD 2 you are going to need to be proficient at the following movements:

WOD #2 for the World Wide WOD is announced without rounds, rep counts or order (and we can change weights before the full announcement). Why not get most of the details well in advance of the open. We will provide details early and you can perform these WOD’s early and submit once competition opens. Those details will only be provided to registered competitors, so if you want full details, register early!

Diddy Kong – this one you need two barbells or less (you are allowed to use 2, not 3 even though the WOD calls for three weights, you are forced to change the weight between two movements – we recommend no collars). You get to pick which bars you want to change.

RX Male/Female:
Muscle Ups/Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Dead-lift – 345#/205#, Push Press/Jerk – 155#/95#, Squat Clean – 205#/105#

Muscle Ups/Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Dead-lift – 315#/185#, Push Press/Jerk – 135#/85#, Squat Clean – 185#/95#

Scaled Male/Female:
Pull-ups/Pull-ups (both allowed 3:1 jumping), Dead-lift – 255#/155#, Push Press/Jerk – 115#/75#, Squat Clean – 135#/85#

Beginner Male/Female:
Jumping Pull-ups, Dead-lift – 155#/95#, Push Press/Jerk – 95#/45#, Power Clean – 115#/65#