The Ice Bowl Recap

As most of you know a couple of the CrossFit Beloiters competed in the Garage Games this weekend up in Green Bay.  It was an amazing time!  I have come to the conclusion that if you get a group of CrossFitters together you will have a great time.  This weekend was inspiring, challenging, and fun.  The intensity of competing will bring you to a new level...and all skill levels where at the event.  There were people who never crossfitted before and CrossFit Games competitors there.  The coolest thing I witnessed was that the crowd cheered louder for the person finishing last than the one that finished first.  And that is because we have all been in a WOD that is not our strength and to be able to push thru and finish is the true test!  All that I can say is it was an great experience and I cannot wait for the next one which is February 11th.  Click the link below to sign up!

The Garage Games

Also check out our very own Lani on the Green Bay news cast.

Lani killing the first WOD.

Next up is my humbling experience.

Ryan killing the first WOD, but his judge was holding him back.

Ring dips from the last WOD.  Miller you would have won this WOD, you better be at the next one.

Lani on her Burpee Box Jumps.  Look at how cute those little boxes are.  

Ryan and his Burpee Box Jumps.  Just a little tip...back up a bit during your burpees to avoid smashing your face on the box.  Love those Bananas Ryan!

Lani destroying the push-ups in WOD 3.  Your welcome by the way for getting you 2 more!

Rope climbs.