Max Week!

How is everyone feeling after a week of Miller Programming (I let Miller program a full week for his birthday and he is know for his affinity for long WODs).  What was really impressive is that Mac made it thru all 5 days plus Kayley's Bday WOD on Saturday.  But remember rest days are important; however, once in a while it is good to test your overall capacity, impressive stuff MAC!  

This week we are going to shorten things up and find out how strong each of you are.  This week is Max Week!  We are going to find out what you have for your max efforts in the big lifts: Dead Lift, Overhead Squat, Front Squat, Jerk, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk!  Also with that we are going to throw in some quick and dirty AMRAPs!  Hope everyone is ready!

To start things off check out the video below of Seth and Reed putting up some impressive numbers on their deadlifts, 335 and 375 respectively.  Also included were PR's by Lani, Trey, Steve, and Beck.  After the big lifts we had fun with a short 5 minute AMRAP of 3 Wall Walks, 10 Squats, and a 100m sprint.

Deadlifts from Scott Thiele on Vimeo.