Snatches, WODs in the park & bird sh*t

Here are a couple videos from the past week.

Friday, we snatched. Reed kicked ass finishing at 165#. WTF!? That is AMAZING! Watch...

We also did a couple of WODs in the park on Saturday. Fun stuff, people!

Grace was the first WOD. We probably got a few stares from cars driving by & the people running past the park.

Along with Grace, we did Bird Shit. This WOD was made up of 21-15-9 front squats at your Grace weight + bar push-ups. It was supposed to be bar facing burpees (something everyone hates!), but there was a lot of bird poop on the ground, so luckily Scott was nice enough to change the movement. I never realized how bird poop could actually be beneficial...however, not wanting it to be too easy, he added in a "sprint" around the park, which included going down the slide. We looked like some BAMFers!