Snatch Sundays (or Oly lifting Sundays)

Check out this video!

Scott Pr'd his snatch by 10 lbs! Most of us who did the snatch work out last Friday also Pr'd. The crazy thing is, we haven't really spent much, if any time, focusing on heavy Oly lifts. Yet, we PR'd? CrossFit is kind of cool like that!

However, as coaches, we have been inspired to put some focus into working the Snatch, along with the Clean & Jerk. So, following the 4th of July, we will begin Olympic Lifting on Sundays for those who are interested. Of course you can always use Sunday as make-up day, as usual.

This is how it will work. One week we will work technique at a medium weight on the Snatch, then we will work to a 1rm on the Clean & Jerk. The following week we will do the opposite - work up to a 1rm on the Snatch, then work technique on the Clean & Jerk.

Not only is this just something cool to work on, if you chose to do this, you too can have a really badass video (like above) of yourself lifting a lot of weight in slow motion.