Edgerton Mud Challenge

Cool event coming up ya'll...the Edgerton Mud Challenge is Saturday May 11th.  This is the first year and promises to be a great event.  The race is a 5k with 10 plus obstacles which will be good prep for the Spartan race this summer.


The main reason to do this event is that we are raising money for the Edgerton Fire District which our very own Ryan Beckwith is the Deputy Chief of.  Ryan has been apart of the CrossFit Beloit family for over a year now and has started his little own CrossFit gym at the department there to get the fire boys into real shape (if only we could get our Beloit department involved).  It would be great to support this cause and maybe get him some more money to grow the gym up there!  

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I am running it at 11...has a better chance to be warm by then!