Friday Night Is Date Night!

So our boy Emmet (also known as Capri) came up with a great idea.  Once a week to do a benchmark workout.  Since December we have pretty much been following Outlaw programing, which has done wonders for everyones strength and technique, but we have lost touch with the root of CrossFit.  That is the original benchmark workouts developed by Mr. Greg Glassman himself.  So please join us ever Friday for a date with one of the gals of CrossFit.  They have names like Fran, Grace, Isabel, Karen, Eva, Cindy, Jackie, Elisabeth, Diana, Nancy, Angie, Barbara, Kelly, Lynn, Nicole, Mary, Amanda, and Chelsea. We will run through all the ladies and then repeat them again and see if we are making improvements.  If your diet is locked and you are consistantly coming in we should see some amazing results! 

date night 1.jpg

And don't worry morning and afternoon crew...You guys are involved too!