Spartan Race!

The Spartan Race is upon us...Like this weekend!  It looks as though it will be hot as Sh*t so start hydrating now.   

  • Bus Departs at 6:45 am at Trinity Church 1840 Cranston Rd.  You can park in the church parking lot. Everyone is invited to join us before around 6:00 am at Short Stack for breakfast.
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  • Arrive at the event in Marseilles IL around 8:45.
  • Get everyone registered check bags in and warm-up.
  • Once everyone is ready we will head to the start line and get in a heat around the 9:45 time frame.
  • Judging from previous races it will take us approximately 3 hours.  After the race enjoy the music, beer, and various attractions then get cleaned up and head back to the bus, leave at 4:00 pm.  
  • Arrive back in Beloit around 6:00 pm.
  • There will be an after party at the Thiele's house right next door to the church.  

 What to Bring

  • Water!!! Make sure you hydrate well starting today!
  • I would like everyone to wear a CrossFit Beloit T-shirt for the race.
  • Gloves.  If you have pussy hands (you know who you are) they are a good idea but not necessary.
  • A change of clothes and after sport shoes.  The bus is very nice so please do not get back in it covered in mud.
  • Towel/baby wipes
  • Sun Block
  • Swimming attire for the after party.
  • Food.  There are coolers on the bus and I will bring some extras with ice.  You will be in a big caloric deficit after the race.  I recommend a bag lunch for after.  Food is also available for purchase at the event.
  • Beer will be provided on the bus for the ride home.  If you like to drink fru-fru shit you will need to bring your own. 
  • The bus will cost $50 so please bring a little cash.  There are extra spots available on the bus so if you have friends or family that would like to come and take photos they are welcome.
  • There are still spots available for the race as well so if you are a procrastinator you can still sign up for the event till the 17th.  
  • Everything else you need to know plus waivers are available HERE