Summer Fun!

Couple fun in the summer events coming up! 


First one is Tubing this weekend on the Sugar River.  We will be departing from the gym at 12:30 to Albany WI and S&B Tubing.  It is about a 30 minute drive and a 3 hour trip on the tubes so we should be back around 6 pm.  The cost $12 for a tub and $5 for a cooler tub.  We will definetly not be expressing our fitness...more like floating around drinking beer.  It will be a great time so we hope to see you!

mud volleyball.jpeg

Next up is the Annual Mud Volleyball tournament in Janesville August 17th.  This is an all day event so make sure you can commit.  We had a blast last year and I really look forward to it this year.  We were 1 game out of the finals last year and the 2 final's teams were wearing cleats.  So if you have them bring them or try and find some at a yard sale soon. If you are interested in playing just shoot me a text.


Last we have a couple more mud runs to round out the summer.  The first one is the Milton Mud Run August 24th...Just a little 5k with some fun obstacles.  I plan on running the 10 am heat so if you want to join just sign up HERE!  And the other one is our local race on September 21st put on by the Hendricks Group called "The Rockin' The Mud Challenge!"  This race is so much fun as it has some of the best terrain for a mud run.  It is in a rock quarry with lots of hills, rocks and gnarly obstacles.  AND IT IS LOCALL!!! Like in our back yard. I expect to have at least 40 CrossFit Beloit Members competing and believe me I will be annoying you till you sign up.  To avoid that please just take the time to sign up now HERE!