Barbell Gymnastics Class Thursday!

Please help me welcome the newest member/coach to the CrossFit Beloit Community.  His name is David Boffa and will be with us for the school year as he is a traveling professor, teaching at Beloit College.  We are graced with his presents for a solid 9 months or so!  

Little background on this guy...first off he just waltzed into the gym and said he was looking for a place to lift so I say, "oh cool we have our next elements classes starting this weekend."  The look on David's face said it all, "go F yourself," so I asked what his experience was.  He told me he was an accomplished lifter and just looking for a place to Olympic lift.  So I said cool, just come in tomorrow and lift with us so I know that you know what you are doing.  Now in the back of my mind I am thinking, this dork in his dress pants has no idea what he is doing.  Well the next day he shows up, in dress pants again.  Heads to the restroom to change, comes out in a singlet and I say to myself, "this guy maybe legit!"  Low and behold, dude is as legit as it comes.  I think he snatched 245 lbs as a double!  Needless to say I have my new man crush! (Sorry Reed).

David is now going to in instill his knowledge on us by offering a Barbell Gymnastics Class every Thursday at 5:30 pm.  This class is open to all CFB members that are willing to work hard and understand the complexity of serious lifting.  Just try and watch the video posted above and understand what is going on with the speed!