Nutrition Log Challenge Update

I have just a couple of updates to the nutrition challenge starting Monday June 2nd.  In general this challenge is to track what you are currently feeding your body and to hopefully make some positive changes that you can make habit.  As I stated in the last post, your nutrition is the quickest way to improve your performance and the way you look.  You need to be accountable for where you are at now to make changes; journaling is a good way too do it.   The CFB coaches will make suggestions for changes after we review your weekly journal.  

  1. $50 cash must be received by June 2nd to participate.
  2. You must submit a before and after photo or have one taken at the gym. (Photos will be held confidential and deleted after competition, female photos will be submitted to Alison at alisonkrick@gmail.com and male photos to Scott at sthiele323@gmail.com. Females should take photos in a sports bra and shorts, men in just shorts.)
  3. Please take a photo from the front and the side.
  4. You must log all food eating, even cheats, in a journal, includes alcohol consumption (I recommend using a small note pad you can keep on your person).
  5. You must log the hours of sleep you get the previous night.
  6. You must log your workouts with your results and a brief description on how you felt about your performance.  IE: I crushed that wod, did everything unbroken, and took my shirt off because I felt so diesel.
  7. The journal must be submitted every Saturday via hard copy or electronically to Scott.  Feed back and advice will be given to help better your performance.
  8. You need to take measurements before and after.  We will measure the largest portion of the chest, waist and butt.
  9. As long as you follow the requirements you will receive your money back.  All forfeited money will be distributed to the male and female winners judge by Scott and Alison respectively.  
  10. Please sign up on the white board at the gym!