Workouts Outside of the Gym

Hi everyone, it's Coach Alison here wishing everyone a happy 2017!  As 2016 comes to a close, we know that people will be setting and smashing goals for the new year.  At CFB we want you to always create goals for yourself and you certainly don't need the new year to make those happen!  Some people have shown interest in hotel or home workouts, so this post is about how to create workouts when you can't get to the gym.

One of the easiest pieces of equipment to buy for home is a set of dumbbells.  Walmart sells them for a great price (many of the online stores get you with shipping costs), and the plain metal dumbbells are all you need, and sometimes even Craigslist has a deal or two if you want to search them out.  If you are on a budget, I would suggest starting out with one set of a weight for what works with you for a majority of the movements in the videos below.  If you are not sure, we have some at the gym you can test out before making a purchase. If you are at hotel for business or a vacation, many of the hotel gyms are equipped with dumbbells.  I always bring my jump rope when I am away because something easy to pack and who doesn't love working on their double unders?!

PushPress Timer Free is a great way to keep track of time during your

PushPress Timer Free is a great way to keep track of time during your

The second thing you need is a great timer! In this day and age, almost everyone has a smart phone or tablet of some sort.  The best timer that I have found is called "PushPress Timer Free" in the App Store (I have an iPhone). There is a paid version that allow a few more things and no ads, but the free version is awesome and well... free! This timer is just like the one at the gym and you can program, AMRAP countdowns, work to rest timers, a simple count up timer, and my favorite part, you can set a countdown before you start (which many timers do not have).

If you have questions on how to set up a timer that is right for your workout come talk to me at the gym or send a message my way!

A lot of "hotel WODs" that are on the internet are for bodyweight movements and running, so using some of these moves in the videos below, may help you get some ideas for something other than 100 air squats for time!

These videos have 20 different dumbbell exercises for you to try out, and there are certainly more that you can do, but we'll start here.  If you are not sure how to put together a workout, talk with me and I can come up with some for you depending on what equipment you have available.  

Click here for Movements with One Dumbbell

Click here for Movements with Two Dumbbells

Click here for other Movements with Two Dumbbells

Another source that I have used for ideas is a list that Jason Khalipa (CrossFit NorCal owner and CrossFit Games athlete) put together here: http://norcal.vm-host.net/hotel-wods. You can also ask a coach for some workout ideas if you are going to be gone! Several of you have been away and I have asked for a photo of the fitness center in your hotel, which allows us to create some great workouts so you don't miss a beat!

If you are looking to go to a CrossFit gym while away, you can check out the CrossFit Affiliate Map to see if there is a gym near you that you can drop in.  Most gyms appreciate an email to let them know you are coming, and range from $20-30 a visit which usually includes a t-shirt from the gym! A few members have "dropped in" at gyms.  It's a fun way to see other gyms, meet new people and get in a great workout while away from home.  

Hopefully these ideas can give you some tips to stick with your fitness goals, even if you can't make it to the gym!  If you have any questions, talk with a coach!