History of the 12 Days of Christmas WOD and Holiday Details

You all know what time of year it is! The snow has fallen and the Holiday decorations and shopping have started, which also means it's time again for the annual tradition of the 12 days of Christmas WOD here at CrossFit Beloit.  If you didn't know, this is a tradition that started back in 2011, so this is the 6th time CFB has done this workout, and it's still a blast today! (depending on your definition of blast).

2011 First time and some amazing photos 

We first saw this workout from the mastermind of Scott in 2011, check out some of the photos in the link above for the OG CFB'ers and their first attempt at this workout.


2012 Scott sported a nice purple sweater in this post

As the ugly sweater tradition started while doing the workout.  Soon after the workout, longtime CFB family member, Jeff, made a spreadsheet breakdown of the workout, so check out this link: Breakdown of the workout and see what you have in store!

2013 we did the workout at the Iron Works location and I believe this is where Scott's Elf Sweater saw it's debut.  I'm still thinking that is has not been washed since this date...

2014 Started our White Elephant gift exchange party, which was a big hit!  Members brought some amazing gag gifts and we danced the night away with our ugly sweaters and fun gifts!

2015 brought on multiple heats of  action and some amazing outfits for the workout.  I'd also say that everyone stepped up the white elephant gifts and everyone had an amazing time!

What does 2016 have in store?  Only one way to find out... come do the workout on the 17th (sign up on the white board at the gym), and attend the Holiday party at Game on Bar and Grill (443 E. Grand Ave.) starting at 7:30pm in your best Holiday attire (the uglier the sweater, the better!) and bring along 1 white elephant gift per person.  Check out the event page here

Other Notables:
The gym will be closed December 24th (Saturday), and open for usual hours for the rest of the Holiday schedule.  As always, check Front Desk for most recent class times and talk with a coach for any questions!!