CrossFit Open

Well, it's that time of year again for the CrossFit Games Open! It always creeps up on us so fast and I can't believe it's been a year already since we were last doing our Open workouts.  

What is the open?
The Open is a 5 week, 5 workout challenge that qualifies people for the CrossFit Regionals and Games.  At CFB we use it a test of fitness from year to year and to challenge ourselves to workouts and movements that we my not normally do.  There will be Rx workouts, scaled and masters for each of the 5 workouts.  We will do these workouts with a judge counting your reps, and after you will submit scores the Crossfit site.  Each week a new workout is announced on Wednesday night and your score will have to be submitted by the following Monday evening.  The cost is $20 to sign up via the link at the bottom of this blog.  Why pay $20 to exercise if I'm not going to the Games?  Being on the leader board holds you accountable for your workouts and challenges you to compete at and do the best that you can.  Plus it is fun to see how you stack up against others in your age range and gender around the world!  

Being a part of 3 Opens at CFB (This is Alison by the way), I have seen first double unders, first chest to bar pull ups, clean PR's at weights people never thought were possible.  I've also witnessed first handstand push ups, muscle ups and even beating scores from the past.  All of which are extremely empowering and amazing to see.  Nothing beats the feel of that Friday night workout with everyone there cheering you on!  I have also see people, including myself not perform as well as they think they should have, and then come back and set goals and crush them.  I think the Open gives you a chance to set and reach new goals, as well as see your fellow friends and CrossFitters accomplish things they never thought possible.  

Friday's we will be completing the workouts.  If you can't make it Friday, please arrange a time during open gyms to make up the workouts.  you are welcome to do the workout more than once to get a better score if you wish!  See a coach for any questions! 

Register here! (be sure to sign up under CrossFit Beloit)