Weightlifting Wednesday!

With the close of our deadlift cycle happening last week, we will again begin on a new journey.  The next cycle that we will be working on is Olympic Weightlifting for ten weeks.  We will now be having "Weightlifting Wednesdays".  During all Wednesday coached CrossFit classes we will be spending time working on technique, form and all things clean & jerk, snatch and squats.  On Wednesday, August 9th we will spend time maxing out on the clean & jerk and snatch in class (yes, full squat lifts only!) We will not be doing traditional metcons on these days, and focusing on improving our form and technique on these lifts as well as adding in auxiliary items to make your weightlifting better.

All programs will be written as percentages, which should be taken off of your existing 1 rep max numbers for the snatch, clean & jerk, back squat and front squat.  The clean & jerk and snatch will be off of the full squat lift, no percentages will be taken off of your power clean or power snatch. Please keep that in mind when working off of percentages.  If your power lift is more than your squat, that means that you should be extra excited to work on technique! If you do not have these numbers, we will be testing the clean & jerk and snatch, we did the front and back squats on our last cycle.  If you don't have squat maxes, coaches will help you out!

All exercises will have their percentage calculations keyed off of one of these four numbers. Calculation of percentages for the pulls in this program should be based off of the snatch or clean & jerk. For example, if you have a 100# snatch, and the program calls for snatch pulls at 80%, you would use 80# for those pulls.

When the program is written as snatch (75%/4)3, that should be read to mean: 3 sets of 4 reps at 75%. Snatch 60%/2; 70%/2 should be read to mean 2 reps at 60%, then 2 reps at 70%. When the program calls for something like clean & jerk 60%/2, that means one set of 2 clean & jerks at 60%.

When the program calls for something like clean & jerk 60%/(3+1), that means you should do the following: clean, clean, then clean & jerk. (2+1) would be clean, clean & jerk. 

No exercises in the weightlifting programming should be performed as touch-and- go. Come to a rest and rest for each rep.

When the program calls for a heavy single, it should be a heavy single for the day. You should limit yourself to 2 or 3 attempts at the heavier weights.

You should count misses as reps in this program, especially if they were misses based on simply not making the lift for technical reasons or otherwise.

We suggest you keeping a log during this to keep track of your sets, reps, weights and improvements!