What a long week!  I don't know about you guys but I am completely beat.  Actually I do know because we had a week full of tough WODs.  Started the week off with a graciously named "Dip Sh#t" which was named by our newest member Fiona (I think she got sick of me saying dip shove and thinks I'm a dip sh#t).  Then we followed that up with Angie, a 100 of each Pullups, pushups, situps, and squats.  Just for the record the best posted time was by Ed who did it in 13:31 and oh did I mention Ed is 66 years old.  He put us youngens to shame.  Finished the week off with some max effort Push Jerks and a partner WOD called "The Freak Show In the Back".  For those of you that don't know that is what the workers at Prairie Avenue Concrete call us CrossFitters.  So everyone have a great weekend! 

Dip Sh#t from Scott Thiele on Vimeo.