Tough Mudder After Math

I know I am a week behind with this but check out the photos from the Tough Mudder Event of the CrossFit Beloit Crew.  

"Jen and I mugging for the camera"

"The Ryans talking game plan"

"A little mud never hurt anyone.  And I want to say thanks to Vickie and Gary who volunteered at the event and were able to snap these great photos of the crew on the course!"

"Here we are at the first set of Berlin Walls"

"And Finally the finish line.  What a great feeling to cross that!  You get the awesome orange head bands you see us sporting, a drink of water, banana, clif bar, and the last station is a beer.  I don't know if a beer has ever tasted as good as the one right after a 10 mile obstacle course!  Oh and notice how Mr. Miller is covered in Mud, check out the CrossFit Beloit facebook page to see a video of Ryan crashing while Mac jumps on his back.  Good Times!"

"And last but not least here we are relaxing after an Epic Day!"