Turkey Takedown comp!


I just want to give a big thank you to the support of everyone at the Turkey Takedown this weekend!  It was awesome to hear the cheers of the community each time a CFB athlete was announced.  We had some very inspirational performances for all of the athletes.  I was proud of myself just for finishing the first workout.  I had this demon in my head telling me to walk the whole time but I never did.  Finished the wod in 23 minutes!  Alison hits her Bear Complex at 140 lbs to finish with the highest weight and I must say is incredible considering her clean and jerk max is only 5 lbs more!  Joe was our all-star finishing 1st overall with not a single person even close to him.  And to cap off the weekend he had the fastest time overall in the last workout in all divisions.  


But the most impressive performance was from Katie.  Just to give you a heads up the athletes were put thru 5 wods previously that make most competitions look like a walk in a park.  I felt like a bag of assholes on Sunday and I have done comps like these before.  The last wod is 3 rounds of 9 toes 3 bar and 9 shoulder to overhead at 95/65#s, then 2 rounds of 15 kipping only pull-ups and 15 Hang power cleans at 135/95#s, and finally 21 wall balls 20/14#s and 21 Deadlifts at 225/155#s with a 12 minute time cap.  Katie pushed thru the first 2 coupletes and then went on to the wall balls with less then 1 minute left.  What she did from there was heroic.  Obviously she was exhuasted and her heart rate was maxed; but she kept picking up that ball and throwing it up to the target.  Everything in her physical apperance said quit and no one would have blamed her if she did; but she did not, and she pushed thru and finished all of her wall balls!  I could not be prouder of a individual that I coach.  Katie's push in that last minute was a thing of inspiration.  Quit never entered her mind and that is something to admire.  Great job Katie!