Nutrition Challenge 2014!

The 2014 nutrition challenge starts Monday January 20th!  This challenge will be a bit different from years past but I still expect to see some amazing results.  Last year’s big winners were Scott and Kal.  Both of these gentlemen took to this challenge and made some major body transformations.  Who will it be this year??

It is a 6-week challenge, which works out well as it brings us right up to the CrossFit Opening.  We will also be using the same scoring system for your tracking log.  So, with out further ado here are the rules for the 2014 CrossFit Beloit Nutrition Challenge:


1.     This is a partner challenge so find a buddy and come up with a team name.

2.  You are going to be measured: Chest, Waist, and Hip/Butt.

3.     You will be photographed before and after.

4.     You are required to log your daily nutrition to stay eligible for prizes (Logs need to be submitted weekly).

5.     You and your partner will preform feats of strength weekly.  There will be a new task given every Monday for the 6 weeks (You have the whole week to post your best score).  Including but not limited too: Partner Carries, Partner Deadlifts, Fish Game, Kalison Unders, Partner Burpees, and Partner Wall Balls.

6.     There is a $50 buy in (cash money please).

7.     You can win your money back.

8.     Prizes will be awarded for: Team Total for Nutrition Tracking Log, Individual Nutrition Tracking log, Team Loss of Inches (% based), Team Feats of Strength points, and the every popular Sexy Bitch award (judged by participants).


So find your partner and get signed up.  I expect this year to have multiple people make some amazing transformations!


camp crossfit 1.jpg