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The CrossFit Games through the eyes of our CrossFit Kids!


As many of you know from the photos and the recent happenings at the gym, that the CrossFit Games just happened, and in our very own back yard of Madison at that! The CrossFit Games have been in California since their debut in 2007, and now have found Madison their new home for at least 2017-2019.  The gym had a huge showing of people going to have fun and watch some amazing exercising going on.  The thing that made me most happy to see, was the large amount of our very own CrossFit Kids in attendance with their families.



Katie S. (long time CFB Kids member) said that her favorite event was Strongman's fear because the men and women took different approaches to the event.  This event had the athletes lifting heavy yolks, farmer carry handles and pulling a heavy sled across the filed.  She said that her favorite thin was that you go to see the athletes up close.  Watching the events live was also one of her top things she enjoyed about the Games.  Katie also said that she enjoyed being with her friends and family so that they could talk about the events and how the athlete's performed at the different events.  Both of Katie's parents, Carrie and Marcus as also members at the gym, so they could talk about the different movements and events together, which is pretty great family bonding if I don't say so!

Katie's favorite athletes are Katrin Davidsdottir and Mat Fraser, Kara Webb, Brent Fitkowski and Annie Thrisdottir.  I think all of those athletes would be proud of Katie's awesome pull ups and her weight lifting that she has been doing, as well as all of her hard work she puts in for class.  Katie's top thing about the trip to the Games this year... the foot long corndogs!  (We agree with her!)


Keeping it all in the family, Ryan S. said that his favorite event was the Madison Triplet, where athletes ran, lifted a heavy yellow sand bag (called the cheese curd) and jumped over hay bails!  The CrossFit Kids class re-created this event the week after the Games, but no hay in the gym!  Ryan's favorite athlete to watch was 1st place finisher for the second year in a row, Mat Fraser, and 2nd place finisher Brent Fitkowski.  Though Ryan and Katie may not agree on everything, they both had rave reviews of the foot long corn dog!  We really need to check that out next year!


Johnny M. said he liked the event because of the workouts.  He had fun cheering for Chloe Smith (teen) and Jeb Simmons (from WI).  His mom Kim said that he could relate most to the teens because they were closer in his age.  From Kim's perspective it motivated him to participate more in CrossFit Kids.  She also thought it gave the kids a great sense of teamwork and cheering for teammates.  He would also hear different weights and turn to me and ask if I could do that?!  It was also a great way for the mother and son duo to do something  that they both enjoy and to see his enthusiasm towards the sport.  It proved to be a great bonding day.  The free soda from Zevia was also another favorite of his!

Audrey P. said her favorite event was the Madison Triplet  as well because she got a really good view of all the athletes, especially her favorite athlete, Tia-Clair Toomey. Tia is her favorite athlete because she doesn't want to be in the spotlight like Katrin or Sara. She is always the person you never saw coming and Audrey really thought this was her year to win.  She also enjoyed being with her mom and really having a same interest in something; something that rarely happens! Audrey had fun watching all of the amazing CrossFit-ers with Katie S. and overall it was an amazing experience.  Audrey's favorite food was the chipper from Paleo Nicks!


Sounds like some great times were had by the kids at the Games this year, great family bonding and some awesome food reviews! 

Every Ship Needs a Captain

Every Ship Needs a Captain

When I first heard that CrossFit Beloit was starting a Kids program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it right away. Being a member since 2013, I had long wanted a chance to contribute to the gym in a way that was more than just my monthly membership dues. I saw the Kids program as my opportunity to give back to the place that has done so much for me. At that time I could not have anticipated how much I would gain from the experience myself.  Since I started coaching in the Kids and later on Teens programs I have learned a patience and a kindness that I never knew I was capable of. Though some of that of course comes from working with the kids, I honestly believe that most of it comes from all the time I've been fortunate enough to spend over the past year with Coach Mike.


Without Mike there would be no CrossFit Kids Beloit. If the program was a ship, then he would definitely be our Captain. Mike took the lead coming up with a plan, executing it, and has dedicated himself to insure this program was a success ever since.  In addition to all of the things it took to get the program off the ground, he continues to bring ideas, enthusiasm, and new members to our gym.  We are so lucky to have him on our team. I don't know that I've ever met a more understanding and compassionate person, which is why he is so perfect for the kids. I think Mike's passion to make a difference to others is obvious to anyone who meets him. He has been involved in youth sports for over 20 years and you can really see that in the way he interacts with any kid that enters the gym.  I am proud to not only have Mike as a colleague, but also as a friend. He has taught me to not take life so seriously and that it's ok to have some fun once in a while.


I look forward to the future of the youth programs we have at CrossFit Beloit.  I feel as though these programs have really made a difference to many of the young people in our community. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing something I did helped someone else. I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity. With Coach Mike at the wheel I have no doubt that we are well on our way to a great future.

-Coach Katie

CrossFit Fun

If you've ever been in the gym when Kids is going on you know that this cheer is the way we end each and every class. Though we do it because it's fun and it brings us all in together as a team, it really is true. The CrossFit Kids Program at CrossFit Beloit really does rock!  This month we are excited to announce that we are celebrating our one year anniversary with the program. Over the past year we have been through lots of changes.  In July we moved to our current location on State street.  We have grown greatly in the number of members we have. Tuesday's are currently our busiest day and holds the record for the most kids in one class at thirteen!  We have so many kids in fact that we started a Teens program in June of this year. This class is for our older kids that are ready to start focusing on their movements more and are ready for more intensity in their workouts.  In addition to our two main programs we also have a number of youth sports teams that have been coming to the gym to work on their conditioning.

In the past year there have been over 50 Kids that have participated in a class at CrossFit Beloit with many of those kids still coming on a regular basis. We have learned how to do movements like kettle bell swings, walking lunges, jumping pull ups, and of course everyone's favorite movement:  burpees!  Our Teens program is improving on their lifting technique while also growing in strength. Here are just some of the highlights. We did a one rep max back squat night and Max successfully back squatted 95 pounds!  Ephraim and Dylan are able to do unassisted killing pull ups in a workout. When there is running in a workout I know that nobody is going to be going faster than Aaron. Even I can't keep up with him. Brendon kills everyone with his awesome squat form.  All of these guys are super great and have made such progress since starting the program that I could not be more proud of them.  We do have one girl that has been with our program since the beginning and that's Riya. If I had to pick one Teen that has improved the most it would be her. In the last several months she has starting doing double unders in a workout.  She back squats 95 pounds, deadlifts 105 and most recently she completed the Teens Scaled 17.1 workout for the CrossFit Open!  Out of all of her accomplishments though, I think the one I'm the most happy with is that she is really starting to see just how capable and strong she really is. There are a lot of times where she has said she's not sure that she can do something and she's slowly realizing that she can do all the things we ask her to and more. I am extremely proud of how much all of our Teens and Kids have grown in confidence since starting with us. I am so appreciative that I have been given the opportunity to show all of the kids in both our youth programs how much you can do when you believe in yourself.

CrossFit Kids! Come see what it's all about!

Tia and Divya doing some hang cleans

Tia and Divya doing some hang cleans

Email for more infomration today!

We are quickly coming up on our year anniversary at CrossFit Kids Beloit. It's been a little over ten months and we have seen huge growth in not only each an every member, but in our program as a whole. In the last several weeks, we have seen class sizes grow tremendously and our Tuesday class has been seeing upwards of 13 Kids in one class!  Big classes definitely help in making dodgeball more fun.

Speaking of fun, our Teens program (available to kids 13 and up or preteens who show that they are ready) has started to take off in the last couple of months. Every Teen starts with the same Elements program as the adults and they follow close to the same programming in the classes. We currently have five Teens that attend our twice a week classes on a regular basis (we miss you Dylan). We have seen great strides in everyone's confidence and abilities. Last week everyone who attended our Wednesday class did 50 pound back squats which were PRs for everyone!

Some fast action in the tic-tac-toe warm up!

Some fast action in the tic-tac-toe warm up!

Coach Mike and Katie teaching some push ups to our 6pm class

Coach Mike and Katie teaching some push ups to our 6pm class

In addition to Kids and Teens classes, CrossFit Kids Beloit has also been hosting two different sports teams to help those young athletes with their conditioning. We have the Rock County Junior Fury ladies hockey team on Monday/Tuesday night's and the Roscoe/Rockton Lions youth football team on Sunday afternoons. Both groups have seen huge improvements in both their strength and conditioning. In these group classes we also emphasize technique, strategy, and how to improve teamwork. We are very excited to see how much CrossFit will make a difference in their sports performances.



In addition to these sports teams we also have a class for Girl Scouts and their mothers in the works. If you are a Girl Scout or are a mother to one and would be interested in joining us, please let us know. CrossFit is a excellent tool to not only build strength, but also to bond people working together to reach a common goal, which is something that is great for all mothers and daughters.

Photo curtasey of Kathy Churchill

Photo curtasey of Kathy Churchill



If you have a sports team that would like to work on their conditioning or just a group of kids who would like to improve their fitness while having a great time, please email us at and we can discuss which options will be right for you!  Also check out our website and Facebook pages:

Kids and Teens!

Spike Ball

Spike Ball

It has been five months since we have started the CrossFit Kids Program here at CrossFit Beloit and we could not be more proud of our kids and everything that they have accomplished!  We have seen tremendous growth in their technical skills, teamwork, and listening skills.

One of the things I think we are probably most excited about is the dramatic increase that we have seen in the confidence level of many of our kids. When working on skills like box jumps and sled pushes the kids know it's all about believing in yourself.

Just a few of the many accomplishments our Kids have made since the program started are:


Workout of the Day!

Workout of the Day!

 *   Tia, Riya, Divya, and Max have all performed double unders with the jump rope
  *   Camryn and Emerson were the first kids to push the 80 pound sled
  *   Jack and Andrew lap everyone on our inside running course
  *   Max did a ten pound overhead walking lunge in a workout
  *   Dylan can do three kipping pull ups in a row!

Burpee Basketball!

Burpee Basketball!

Speaking of Dylan, Riya, and Annie they have all recently completed our first CrossFit Teens Elements Program!  CrossFit Teens is for the older kids who show leadership potential, are good listeners, and that the coaches feel are ready for a higher level of technical skills.

We are very excited about the future of both of these youth programs at CrossFit Beloit. It will be super fun to see how much everyone will continue to accomplish.

CrossFit Kids First Month

Coach Mike, Bobbi, Katie, Cassia, Ethan, Aaron and Alex have been working hard to create the CrossFit Kids Beloit program and it has been a great success this past month and half.  While learning functional movements, the Rock Star members have learned squats, thrusters, push ups, jumping pull ups, sit ups, lunges and many more movements.  They have also done fitness games like the obstacle course, tic-tac-toe, musical wall balls, lightning (Coach Ethan's favorite, especially when Coach Alison gets him out), the hot new game of burpee basketball, and even some tire flipping!  Each class starts with a fitness warm up game, then we move to a skills session followed by the WOD (workout of the day), and we end with a fitness game which is everyone's favorite part!  We have seen all of our rock stars improve on their skills tremendously over the past month and half and can't wait to see what the future holds! 

If you are considering checking out the program for your child, let us know or please stop by to see what all of the fun is about!   A reminder that CrossFit Kids Beloit classes will run 3 times a week, Tuesdays from 6:30-7:15pm, Thursdays from 3:45-4:30pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am-10:45am.  Classes are $6 each and a punch pass can be purchased for $60. Punch passes may be shared between siblings.  If you have further questions on passes, please see Coach Mike, Katie or Alison, for more info on the CrossFit Kids program, please email  CrossFit Kids Rock!

CrossFit Kids Beloit Rocks!

Our CrossFit Kids program is in full swing as we are finishing up our first week of classes and it has been a big success, with more exciting things to come.  If you are on facebook, check out our page! 

You can find announcements, photos, and sneak peeks of what is happening during classes!

What can you expect when your child comes to CrossFit Kids Beloit?  They will each arrive and find a cubby for their belongings and then they will get their own "CrossFit Bar", this bar is theirs for all classes and will be use to work on proper technique and placement of the hands. The class will have a warm up in the form of a game or activity, skill work, a WOD, or Work Out of the Day, and each class ends with a game or activity.  

Classes will run 3 times a week, Tuesdays from 6:30-7:15pm, Thursdays from 3:45-4:30pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am-10:45am.  Classes are $6 each and a punch pass can be purchased for $60.  Punch passes may be shared between siblings.  If you have further questions on passes, please see Coach Alison, for more info on the CrossFit Kids program, please email

Coach Mike leading on our Rock Star CrossFit Kids on proper Squat form.

Coach Mike leading on our Rock Star CrossFit Kids on proper Squat form.

Crossfit Kids program starting March 1st!

CrossFit Kids

We have been working on plans to start a CrossFit Kids program and we now have an official start date. The first ever CrossFit Beloit Kids program will be March 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm. We are going to offer the families of current member’s first chance to register. We will eventually have three different age groups: Oscars (3-7yrs old), Kids Rock (5-14yrs old), Teens (12-18) but we will start with the ‘Kids Rock’ age group. Please reply to

Please see the schedule here:

Pertinent Facts:

1.       Class Times: Tuesday 6:30-7:15pm / Thursday 3:45-4:30pm / Saturday 10:00-10:45am

2.       Cost: $50 Punch Cards that are good for 10 classes

3.       Class Size: 8 max (starting out)

4.       Location: Our Box (outside when the weather allows)

5.       Equipment: Gym shoes, athletic clothes and a water bottle with their name on it.

6.       Objective: Having FUN while learning to move properly in a safe environment.

7.       Growth: We will be adding the other age groups and more class times when we get the program established and running efficiently.

Thanks and please let the kids know that this is going to be fun!